The Dojo

The Dojo

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sales and more! | taught by Sundance Brennan and The Sales Nerds
Sundance Brennan and The Sales Nerds
Sundance Brennan and The Sales Nerds
SaleFu Master

About the Instructor

Sundance Brennan is a leader with 20+ year in the sales world. He's sold cars, mortgages, vacation packages and, of course sales training systems from call centers all over the U.S. He's also been teaching the Art of SalesFu since 2003 and now lends his training material to the online world. Follow him @salesfumaster and his website:

The Dojo

This course is a little bit of everything. Inside you'll literally find about 90% of what we've done and will do. You wont find any special graphics or fancy videos. You'll get copies of our books in PDF format, which in and of itself is worth the price of admission. You'll also be invited to join our interactive Facebook group and get my direct contact info. I do a lot of other trainings and seminars and as I record those some will make their way onto this forum. The only thing those other training systems will have are live conference calls and certifications at the end of the course. This course is not intended to end. It's intended to create and add additional content to monthly. This will be an evergreen source of training for you. If some how you have arrived at this page and you have no idea who I am, here is a little something to let you know.

You can view some of my work here-

How to be a #salesninja

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Yes, I really am a Nerd. Mensa member, Six Sigma Certified and the tax returns to prove that I know what I'm doing.

Course Contents

27 Videos
2 Texts
7 PDFs
6 Disqus
1000.0 hrs

Course Curriculum