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Sundance Brennan and The Sales Nerds
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Everything you ever wanted to know about Sales and more!

Sundance Brennan and The Sales Nerds

SalesFu- Personality Based Selling (PBS) 101 - White Belt

White Belt - Introductory

Sundance Brennan and The Sales Nerds

SalesFu- Personality Based Selling (PBS) 201 - Green Belt - Beginner

Green Belt - Beginner

4 x $399.00

All 6 SalesFu courses plus a Bonus class- Become SalesFu Black Belt Certified. Classes - 101- 601 +Bonus course

How Strong is your SalesFu?

Sundance Brennan

101 Ways to Ask for the Business Like a SalesFu Master

Less than $1 per tip & you will learn the word tracks, power words, combination closes, logical & emotional triggers to get your clients to say yes. Whatever you sell, if this product helps you close 1 deal it pays for itself. *Must use ethically!