Introduction SalesFu- 001

Introduction to SalesFu- 001

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Sundance Brennan and The Sales Nerds
Sundance Brennan and The Sales Nerds
SaleFu Master

Sundance Brennan is a leader with 20+ year in the sales world. He's sold cars, mortgages, vacation packages and, of course sales training systems from call centers all over the U.S. He's also been teaching the Art of SalesFu since 2003 and now lends his training material to the online world. Follow him @salesfumaster and his website:

Have you ever met a person and you just "clicked" with them? You felt like they spoke your language or that they just "got" you. This course will open your eyes to the sales techniques available to create that instant rapport. We will offer you the right words to use in the right way at the right pace, tone and combination. The message that we send out is the same, but it's received in many different ways by our audience. Clear up misconceptions, gain trust and ultimately gain more clients using this system. Try it today, we are so sure that you'll love the system that the first class if free.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to SalesFu
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