101 Ways to Ask for the Business Like a SalesFu Master

101 Ways to Ask for the Business

Like a SalesFu Master | taught by Sundance Brennan

Course description

This course is being released via video with some handouts and additional materials to help you understand WHY some of these closing word tracks work. Some of you won't, don't or can't care WHY they work, just as long as they DO and that's cool too.

We are releasing 1-3 Videos per week starting Feb 4th 2017. If you join part way through the year or in the future you should be able to binge watch the SalesFu closing techniques!

Welcome aboard! Your closing skills are about to get a huge upgrade!

Sundance Brennan
Sundance Brennan
The Chief Sales Nerd

Sundance has been in sales for more than 20 years, written books, given speeches and been on the front lines closing deals the entire time. He loves his wife and 4 children who have names as unique as his because he believes it builds character. He got into sales by accident but realized that it was his lifelong quest to use the Jedi Mind Trick for the power of good and to teach others to do the same. It has yet to work on his wife, but he carries on.

Direct Email- sundance@thesalesnerds.com